Google I/O

Did anyone watch today’s Google conference? It was a really interesting I/O this year. Some awesome stuff announced that could be huge for Google. They had a lot to talk about and announce so I’m just going to skim over what I thought about the most important stuff.

Firstly there was the news that Android has so far been installed on over 900 million devices. 900 million! That’s an extremely high number - almost 1/7 of the world’s population, in fact. Although it should come as no real shock really, as the UN estimated recently that the amount of mobile phones on earth is set to eclipse people by next year! Then there was the news that Chrome now has an active user-base of 750 million users. Which I think is great news as it shows how users are looking to move to more reliable, secure and faster browsers. Last time I checked, 50% of desktop traffic directed at this very site was Google Chrome; so I feel that figure could be on the rise soon.

Then we had the announcement of Hangouts coming to iOS and Android devices. I’m actually pretty elated at this news, Hangouts are a fantastic feature from Google+ and are much more reliable than Skype’s offerings for iOS and OS X. I’ll be downloading that as soon as.

Perhaps most interestingly, but not at all, a shock; we had the announcement of the much anticipated Google Play music subscription. This one isn’t for me but it certainly looks to be an interesting alternative to Spotify and others such as Amazon.

There’s loads more that I could cover but it’s probably best to check out the low-down over here at TheNextWeb: